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Alternative to Filing Interlocal Agreements with County Auditor

RCW 39.34.040 requires that interlocal agreements be filed with the county auditor. The law was amended in 2006 to provide an alternative to filing with the auditor.  A public agency may list agreements on its website or other electronic public source.


Fire Protection Douglas County Sewer District 1

Fire Protection City of Rock Island

Chelan County International Fire Code Support

2023 - Wenatchee Valley Fire Department 

Douglas County International Fire Code Support

Fire Investigation Agreement Chelan and Douglas County

Wenatchee School District Fire Apparatus Maintenance

Douglas County Fire District 5 Fire Apparatus Maintenance

Fire Protection Douglas County

East Wenatchee International Fire Code Support

Rock Island International Fire Code Support

Fire Protection City of East Wenatchee



North Central Washington Hazmat Team Interlocal Agreement (CCFD1)

Squilchuck Defensible Space 1st Amendment - Chelan County Natural Resources (CCFD1) 

Bureau of Land Management (DCFD2)

Chelan Douglas Health District (DCFD2) 


Chelan Douglas Health District COVID Vaccination Agreement (CCFD1)

Squilchuck Defensible Space - Chelan County Natural Resources (CCFD1)

Fire Chief Services (CCFD1 & DCFD2)

Prescribed Burning & Related Services - Chelan County Natural Resources (CCFD1)

Cashmere Fire Department Apparatus Maintenance & Repair (CCFD1)

Chelan County PUD Video Monitoring Agreement (CCFD1)

Generator Grant - Chelan County Natural Resources (CCFD1)

Chelan County Fire District 7 Rescue Truck (CCFD1)

Chelan  County Storage and Use of Zodiac (CCFD1)

Fire Chief Services First Amendment (CCFD1 & DCFD2)

Training Facilities (CCFD1 & DCFD2)

Fleet Services (CCFD1 & DCFD2)

Douglas County Public Utility District Fire Protection Services (DCFD2) 

Pangborn First Amendment (DCFD2)

2020 (CCFD1)

Mobile Mapping - Chelan County Natural Resources 

Chelan Douglas Health District COVID IMT Agreement 

2019 (CCFD1)

Cascadia ILA 2019 

PUD Emergency Services Agreement 2019-2033 

Chelan County FMAG Liaison Services First Amend 

First Amendment Fire Protection City of Wenatchee 

2018 (CCFD1)

First Amended & Restated ILA for Fire Marshal - City of Wenatchee 

Cooperative Purchasing - Chelan County Fire District 5

Cooperative Purchasing - Skagit County Fire District 14

Fire Investigation Services - Chelan County (CCFD1 & DCFD2) 

DNR Forestland Response 

Chelan County FMAG Liaison Services 

Fire Protection WDFW 

Lease CCSO - Station 11 

Fire Protection WSDOT 

USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station 

2017 (CCFD1)

DCFD2 Fire Investigation

Partial Termination of Fire Station Lease

City of Wenatchee Annex Second Amendment

DNR Agreement Addendum

DNR Agreement 93-096074

Fire Protection GWREC

Fire Protection Chelan County

Fire Protection City of Wenatchee

Fire Protection Wenatchee REC

Fire Protection Wenatchee Heights REC

Fire Protection WVC

Fire Protection Link Transit

Fire Protection Regional Library

Fire Protection WSU

Fire Protection Tree Fruit Research Comm

Fire Protection Apple Commission

Fire Protection Port of Chelan County

Fire Protection North Central ESD

Water & Sewer Connection Agreement with City of Wenatchee

2016 (CCFD1) 

Wenatchee School District Training Site

Wenatchee Police Department Lease

City of Wenatchee Annex First Amendment

Fire Protection DOT

Fire Protection North Central ESD

Fire Protection Port of Chelan County

Fire Protection Tree Fruit Research

Fire Protection Washington Apple Commission

Fire Protection Washington Dept of Military

Fire Protection Wenatchee Heights Reclamation

Fire Protection Wenatchee Reclamation District 

Fire Protection WSU


City of Wenatchee Fire Marshal

City of Wenatchee Pre Annexation

City of Wenatchee Olds Station 

DNR IAA 12-238

2014 & Earlier

Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement DOI - HWA13-0010

North Central Washington Fire Coordinator Group

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