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Outdoor Burning

Outdoor burning is a complicated matter. Knowing who, what, when, and where can leave anyone asking why? There are four levels of authority having jurisdiction over outdoor burning in our district: Federal, State, County and Local. While the State and Federal agencies are responsible for specific types of burn permits and restrictions, we are the organization called to put your fire out. Burning, from camp fires to agricultural burns can be conducted in a manner that minimizes risk to public health as well as setting ablaze any unintended "fuels." Obtaining the correct permit and/or abiding current restrictions ensure we don't show up to ruin the party. 


Air quality conditions, and seasonal fire danger play a big role in outdoor burning. If you are unsure, call us before you burn. Our staff can direct you to the appropriate authority having jurisdiction over your burn whether big or small. Listed below are several links to explore, as well as an FAQ box for all your burning questions. 

Dept. of Natural Resources Burn Restrictions

For current burning restrictions in state jurisdiction (including campfires, and permit burns) please visit the Dept. of Natural Resources web site by clicking the link to DNR.


Dept. of Ecology Air Quality Burn Bans

For current air quality burn bans please visit the Dept. of Ecology web site by clicking the link to DOE.


Chelan County Fire Danger Restrictions

For restrictions on travel, and area activities related to fire danger, please read and follow the current Chelan County Commissioners resolution found on the County's website by clicking the fire danger sign link.


Burning FAQs

Need more details?

We are here to help. 

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