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Chelan County - Open Burning Prohibited June 1, 2023

Effective June 1, 2023, open burning in Chelan County is prohibited and vehicles must be kept on the roadway.

  • The use of exploding targets and incendiary ammunition is prohibited.

  • Recreational fireworks are prohibited in Chelan County. Sky lanterns are banned across the state and nation.

  • Recreational campfires continue to be allowed in a designated campfire area, including a portable fire pit.

Chelan County is divided into two fire danger zones: Valley and Chelan Mountain. The moderate fire hazard level applies to both zones.

In addition, there are four fire hazard levels in the county: moderate, high, very high and extreme. Restrictions are labeled as either general or Stage 1 or Stage 2. During wildfire season, the fire marshal, local fire chiefs and partner agencies meet weekly to access local conditions and discuss updating the fire hazard level and restriction level.

Keep up on the changing fire hazard levels and restriction levels by following Chelan County on Facebook or watching for updates on the Chelan County Fire Marshal’s website. The full Fire Hazard Areas code is under chapter 7.52 of the Chelan County Code.


Chelan County Facebook page:

Chelan County Emergency Incident Map:


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