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  • Jon Riley

Check out Chukar Hills!

We started the day at a coffee shop on Miller St. A gentleman approached us in the parking lot pointing at the 6,000lb chipper towed behind our fuels pickup. "How do I get you guys up to my house" he asked. Kevin and I smiled, we get that a lot. "We're not for hire, but we are here to help!" We explained our program supports neighbors working together to reduce wildfire risk; it's a shared responsibility.

Chukar Hills is a perfect example of a community united in confronting future fires. Every home has completed a wildfire home assessment with CCFD#1, and the last two days they showed up in force standing toe to toe with two young firefighters and a wood chipper. Following recommendations in their assessments, the community had precut hundreds of shrubs from around structures and along their egress route. Neatly stacked along the road, the chipper ran for four hours chewing up what had taken the community days to cut, haul, and pile.

This small community is getting ahead of future fires, and working to improve their outcome. Is the landscape "fire proof," no. Did we reduce potential fire severity near values at risk? I'd like to think so, and when you ask residents of Chukar Hills they will tell you there'll be more next year.

Special thanks to Dona for the wonderful lunch, and Bruce, Marnie, Dean and Lynn for the considerable work effort! I raise my water bottle, and tip my hard hat to your community. We're inspired by your motivation and hard work!


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