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Regional Fire Authority - Corrected Information

The Argument Against the Measure in the County Voter’s pamphlets contains factual errors and this statement is intended to correct the factual misstatements.

1. The fire district county property tax rates are increased; up to $1.50 per thousand dollars.

Correct Statement. The formation of the Regional Fire Authority (RFA) would replace your existing fire district tax levy of $1.32 per thousand for residents of Chelan County Fire District 1 and $1.26 for residents of Douglas County Fire District 2. Accordingly, the tax levy rate will increase by $0.18 and $0.24 respectively but will not increase by $1.50. If the measure does not pass residents will continue to pay fire district taxes.

2. Non voted increases of 6% each year are also authorized in the measure.

Correct Statement. Neither the RFA Plan nor State law allows for non-voter approved tax increases of 6% per year. If the RFA is approved, the RFA would be subject to the same 1% annual tax increase limit that applies to all taxing entities in the State. Any increase beyond the 1% statutory limit would require subsequent voter approval.

3. Local control through our fire commissioners is replaced by a new fire authority board structure.

Clarification. The fire authority board structure is stated in the RFA Plan as follows: “The Governing Board shall consist of the three elected or appointed commissioners of Chelan County Fire District 1 and the three elected or appointed commissioners of Douglas County Fire District 2.”


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